Second Ukrainian Mission Conferrence

February 3-4, 2017 in Warsaw-Radosc, the Second Ukrainian Mission Conference took place, which we co-hosted. Its purpose was to give opportunity to share experiences of working with immigrants and encourage effective service together with Poles. The speakers were, among others: Vladimir Kondor- the director of the Internal Mission Department of the Ukrainian Baptist Union, Thomas Klammt- coordinator of the Integration Department of the Baptist Union in Germany, Mateusz Wichary- leader of the Council of the Baptist Union in Poland, Slawomir Bednarski- former pastor of a Polish church in London and Masym Sliazin- coordinator for mission among Russian speaking persons in Poland. The first SCMI missionaries: Illia Kozubovsky (Gdynia) and Serhii Potapov (Torun) shared the problems, successes and failures of ‘Ukrainian’ service in Poland.