Welcome to the SCMI page

The Slavic Centre of Mission and Integration is an agency of the Polish Baptist Union that has been at work since early 2016. Our work is in response to the migration process which can be observed in Poland, as well as the increasing number of immigrants from post-soviet countries. We are here to support integration of believers in Poland, and to spread the Gospel among foreign non-believers.

Our vision

We want to actively participate in building the kingdom of Heaven by helping foreign believers integrate into Baptist churches and by reaching lost hearts for Jesus, for ‘we cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard.’ (Acts 4:20)

Our goals

  • creating a uniform service strategy among immigrants in Polish Baptist churches
  • preparing missionaries for service in Poland and among immigrants
  • creating Russian-speaking communities within Polish Baptist Churches
  • helping foreigners integrate into Polish communities
  • supporting immigrant believers in their development and use of spiritual gifts so they can best serve local churches
  • preaching the gospel to foreign nonbelievers and bringing them into Polish communities