Mateusz Wichary

Mateusz Wichary is the Chairman of the Polish Baptist Union Board. He was the inspiration and the main “driving force” of the Russian-language ministry development in Poland. He puts all his efforts to create possibilities for SCMI work and its missionaries. He also visits our churches and communities and always takes part in Russian-language ministry’s main events.


First Baptist Church of Gdansk

The First Baptist Church of Gdansk became the center of SCMI missionary training in a very natural way. Not only the church leadership but also its members are strongly involved in Center’s ministry. One of the main helpers, and a faithful SCMI partner, is the second pastor Slawomir Bilinski. He himself takes part in the missionary training and SCMI life. Many church members support our ministry in different ways, including sponsorship. One of the examples of this support is creating a group of teachers who help with the development of our missionaries’ language skills.


External Mission Department of the All-Ukraine Union of Evangelical Christian Baptist Churches

In August, 2016 the Polish and Ukrainian Baptist unions signed the “Agreement of cooperation, help and common ministry in spreading the Gospel and the Kingdom of Heaven.” The chief of the External Mission Department (EMD) of the Ukrainian Union (AUC ECB) represents the Ukrainian side in relationships with polish Baptists. Therefore, EMD became our key partner in seeking missionaries to work with SCMI in Poland. To date, all of them have come from AUC ECB. Ukrainian Baptists also support some of them financially.


Bible League of Poland

Bible League of Poland is non-denominational mission organization which is involved in spreading God’s Word and planting new churches. They were SCMI partners from the very beginning. In 2017 Maksym Sliazin finished their two-year training program “Mission-PL” about planting new churches. Another of our missionaries – Oleg Bida – also started that program in 2017.

We are very thankful that our missionaries have the possibility to take part in one-week seminars presented by the Bible League of Poland. All missionaries attend these seminars if one occurs during their two-month training at SCMI. More than that, the Bible League of Poland also gives us evangelical materials in Polish. Its workers are often guests of our events and services in Russian-language mission places.


Sergej Zhyfarski

Sergej Zhyfarski is an auxiliary missionary with the Ukraine for Christ mission. He lives and serves in Rivne, Ukraine. He is a professor in the International Baptist Bible College. He also runs a humanitarian and counseling ministry in the war-torn territories of Ukraine. His main ministry direction is evangelism through creating and developing small groups. Sergej also helps us in Russian-language ministry and often comes to Gdansk.