Training at SCMI

Requirements for a SCMII missionary candidate 

  1. Awareness of calling to be a missionary in Poland. We are looking for people that have a clear understanding of God’s will in this matter.
  2. Readiness to build a community from scratch.
  3. Candidates having gifts necessary for starting groups or churches (e.g., gift of evangelization, leadership, word of wisdom, ministry or teaching).
  4. Readiness for long term service. The Baptist Union of Poland expects every SCMI missionary to become an exemplary Polish pastor.
  5. Openness to the idea of integration. Each new community will be subject to the BUoP’s vision and dedicated to strong integration with the Polish church.
  6. Gaining support of the district. Every candidate should have prayer, spiritual and financial support of at least ten churches from his district and be in touch with them on a regular basis.
  7. Candidates should be aware that as immigrants they will also be working among other immigrants. This is a very important aspect of staying in Poland, for which only a few are ready.
  8. Readiness for facing financial difficulties, especially during the first period of service.
    9. Acceptance of financial responsibility for resources used by the candidate, in case he doesn’t take on the service in Poland.
  9. Readiness to serve believers from different Christian communities and denominations. A missionary must guard pure gospel preaching, but at the same time be open and respect believers of other denominations.
  10. Acceptance of people of different political views, along with a readiness to serve them.

Terms of acceptance 

  1. Positive result of the interview.
  2. Recommendation of both the district’s presbyter and the pastor of his home church.
  3. Reasoned application.
  4. CV with description of service so far.
  5. Signed document ‘Requirements for a SCMII Missionary Candidate’

Training program 

Training of SCMI candidate lasts at least two months. The program is adjusted to missionary’s individual needs. Training for a missionary who is going to organize spiritual work among immigrants will differ from the training for a leader of Polish believers.

Apart from the missionary’s specific function, training will include following subjects:

  1. Rules of social and church integration.
  2. Practical and formal aspects of an immigrants’ stay in Poland.
  3. Intensified study of Polish.

We pay very close attention to acquiring practical skills.  This means, for example, that the candidate will become familiar with the formal aspects of immigrants’ stay in Poland by visiting, among places, immigrants’ department, and with the rules of social and church integration by taking part in Polish-Ukrainian activities in church.  Learning Polish will be carried on not only during individual lessons, but also through taking part in various aspects of church functioning: polish Bible studies, church events and meetings.