Third Ukrainian Missions Conference

On Saturday, Jan. 27, 2018 was the Third Ukrainian Missions Conference, which we co-organized as SCMI along with the Russian Speaking Baptist Church from Warsaw, the board of the Baptist Church of Poland, and the Russian Speaking fellowship of the First Baptist Church in Gdansk.

It was for the third time that we met to share experience in work with immigrants and to encourage one another to be in the ministry of building God’s Kingdom together with Polish people. The speakers of the conference were the following: Mateusz Wichary- the president of the board of the Baptist Church in Poland, Vladimir Kondor – director of the board for internal missions of the Ukrainian Baptist Union, Michal Domagala – pastor of the church in Gizycko and a member of the board of the Baptist Church in Poland, Maksym Sliazin – SCMI director and coordinator for work with Ukrainians in Poland called by the Poland Baptist Church Board. Our missionaries Illia Kozubovski (based in Gdynia), Serhi Potapov (based in Torun) and Oleg Bida (based in Poznan) shared about their achievements and struggles. The conference theme was “Vessels for noble use”.