SCMI is a non-profit organisation. It is functioning only thanks to the generosity of donors. We know that God’s economy is different than that of humans. Once two coins were worth more in God’s eyes than a bewildering amount of money (Mark 12:41-44). We are always grateful for every donation. We will be happy with either 50PLN, 100 PLN or 200 PLN.

We know that God can multiply even the smallest donation.

You can define the purpose of your donation. Here are some propositions- just put the chosen abbreviation in the transfer title:

-(SA) SCMI Activity- office supplies, office equipment, transport
-(MT) missionary training

-(MIS) missionary support

-(MS or AB) SCMI workers support
-(TCF) training and conference fund

-(SCMI) if you want us to decide how your donation will be spent.


Bank account number

PL 12 1750 0012 0000 0000 3671 4484

If you want to deduct SCMI donations when settling with the Tax Office, you must write ‘donation for religious purposes’ in the transfer title.

If the money is to be used for a specific purpose, please write in ‘donation for religious purposes + a shortcut of this purpose’ (abbreviations given above) in the transfer title.

If you want to support a specific person, please write:

‘donation for religious purposes + person’s initials’